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About Prem
My Name is Prem and I came to Lima for a six month language program. Unfortunately I got kicked out of that and my host family’s house in the first two weeks. Now I need to find ways to learn Spanish and have fun on a small budget!

End of my exchange program

Ok, so for those of you that don’t remember, I got kicked out of my host house after bringing Flavia, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, back home and my host mom walked in on us a bit over a week ago. Since then I have been staying at the Flying Dog hostel where I started out in the bottom bunk of a 6 person dorm but soon after had to move to a 12 person dorm. Ricardo, the huge Brazilian on the top bunk, snores and gyrates like you cannot believe and along with the daily parties the hostel organizes I missed three straight days of my language exchange program. My parents got notified and needless to say they were pissed. They refused to pay another penny and to be honest I didn’t like it that much anyways. At this point I guess I will just stay in Lima until the money I saved up runs out. I did not go out at all last weekend to save some money and just spent a lot of time on the balcony searching for the meaning of life at the bottom of a bottle of Pisco… Hopefully some of you guys can help me out by responding to my forum post regarding fun activities in  Lima that are free or do not cost that much. Sorry for the lame post but I am a little down after such a great start to my Peruvian adventure but going from Flavia to Ricardo has been hard to deal with. Hopefully something more exciting and upbeat next time!


A whole new world

I went out for the first time in Lima last Saturday and what a night it turned out to be! I went to Ayahuasca for dinner and soon after I was buzzed from my four Pisco Sours. I had never gone to a club alone before but I decided this might be a good way to make some friends. I went to Larcomar and after a few bribes got into Aura. I started talking to a short cheeky looking dude and he introduced me to some of his girlfriends. We decided to get a table, drank some vodka red bull and got along really well. Then… the moment every “gringo” fears… the girls wanted to dance! I kind of held my own for a little bit but when they all started salsa-ing I lost interest and went back to our table. I was having a smoke and out of nowhere comes the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I ask her if she wants a drink and she accepts. Her name is Flavia. She laughs at my jokes and seems to find my primitive Spanish accent cute. We are having such a great time, I almost forget that I am staying with a host family set up through my six month exchange program. There is no chance I can bring this girl back there! She is 25 and obviously still lives with her family. I stress out a bit, realize it’s a hopeless cause and ask her if she wants to head out and walk around outside. We walk around in the cold Lima night, holding hands and I am about to ask for her number so I can see her again and then something magical happens… she asks if I would be interested in going to a more private place where we could watch a movie or have some drinks for a few hours. “Where do I sign up?” I was thinking and we get in a cab and head on over. I was half scared that I was getting mugged by this extremely hot chick and half excited that I am about to get some action! We arrive at this hotel around Arequipa Avenue, Risso I think it was. The reception guy, who probably also doubles as the janitor, seemed to know Flavia, which troubled me slightly, but what troubled me more was that there weren’t any rooms! By this time it is 4am and I am getting worried I wont be able to close the deal! I make an executive decision and invite her back to my place. We walk in to the house and are as quiet as possible. We cuddle in the bed and one thing leads to another and soon we are exploring each other’s naked bodies. We start having sex and she is loving it, she is having a hard time not screaming out loud and a few sounds definitely escape. Not having kept track of the time I did not realize that my host mother has gotten up to prepare breakfast, and she hears us. She knocks, comes in and screams. She is shocked. Flavia is shocked. I am shocked. Huge disaster! Flavia gets dressed, leaves and I then get the most intense talking to ever. Needless to say, I was kicked out and I am writing this from Flying Dog Hostel, on the bottom bunk of a 6 person room. The good news is I have been introduced the new world of “telos” in Lima. One that I hope to explore and write a lot more about during my six months here!